Pimax Crystal Light Prescription Lenses

Might require 15mm face foam (not included)

The VR/AR headset is only shown for demonstration purposes and is not included in the delivery.


You already have our Crystal (Standard) lenses?They are compatible with the Crystal Light, so no need to buy a new pair. Since the Crystal Light does not have eye-tracking, the lenses for our Light inserts are slightly smaller reducing their thickness a bit, but that is the only difference.
Are the Light-inserts compatible with the Crystal (standard)?No, due to their smaller lens size, they are not compatible with eye-tracking. Please select the "Standard" version above if you have the standard Crystal. Though the other way around is fine.


Vision Correction

Right / OD
Right / OD
Left / OS
Left / OS

Pupil Distance

You can adjust your IPD in the headset, which is why we don't need your IPD for your inserts.

Lens Upgrades

Production time (excl. shipping time): 1 to 5 days

plus import duties (outside of the EU)¹

¹ Orders to delivery destinations outside of the EU may be subject to import duties and taxes that are applied when the delivery reaches its destination. The buyer is responsible for paying such charges.