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Your far distance prescription (and not your reading or PC prescription)

Carl ZEISS Vision lenses


You want to enjoy Virtual Reality without having to wear additional glasses? This is possible with our lens inserts in your individual correction. See the whole FOV in complete clarity! This makes VR more intense and immersive! It also protects your VR goggles from scratches.

Finding your prescription values

You find the values that have to be inserted in the form above on your eyeglass prescription.

How to read your eyeglass prescription

Install the inserts

You can find a video tutorial showing the installation steps here.

Effect on view / distortion

Most people will not notice any distortion of their view, because we use ordinary lens layout as found in regular glasses. This leads to a higher construction form (see: Wearing comfort), but does not affect your view more than normal glasses.

Wearing comfort

The Valve Index can be dialed closer to the face than other headsets. While we've designed the adapters to leave as much space as possible for both nose and brow ridge, most users will still have to set their Index for a good wearing comfort one to two clicks away from their face. Please keep in mind that the exact number of clicks (being it more or less) depends on each individual face shape, prescription (lens thickness) and how firm the Index is worn.

Delivery/Manufacturing time

The inserts are custom-build for each customer. While the manufacturing may vary from case to case, we usually dispatch within one week. Due to customs, orders may take between 1 and 6 weeks to arrive (this is not within our control).

Please note that current orders are delayed a bit. Most orders will be dispatched within one to two weeks.

I have other questions

Please do not hesitate to contact us by using our contact form!

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