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Oculus Quest 2 Prescription Lens Adapter


Vision Correction

Right / OD
Left / OS

Pupil Distance

Note: If your IPD requires the highest IPD-setting, but you want to use the middle step due to FOV concerns, the resulting IPD difference is too big and cannot be compensated for. This is why we'll always optimize the adapters for your IPD and its matching IPD setting of the Quest 2!

Carl ZEISS Vision lenses


Information for existing Customers

Our Quest 1 adapters fit the Quest 2. If you already have a Quest 1 adapter, you should be good. If you are new customer with a Quest 2, we recommend the dedicated Quest 2 adapters, which we are optimizing for the Quest 2's IPD steps.

Our Rift S and Go adapters fit too - at least technically. However, since those are made for a non-adjustable IPD, the visual quality might not be the best (depends on your IPD and prescription).

Finding your prescription values

You'll find the values that have to be inserted in the order form above on your eyeglass prescription.

How to read your eyeglass prescription

If you cannot find your prescription values in the order form above, feel free to contact us for a custom quote.

IPD (Interpupillary Distance)

The Quest 2 has three IPD settings. While we optimize the adapters for your specific IPD, we cannot compensate its IPD limits. That is, the perceived visual quality below an IPD of 56mm and above 70mm might vary from person to person. We recommend trying the Quest 2 with your regular glasses first.


You can find a video tutorial showing the installation steps here.

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