Pimax 8K X Installation Instructions


The adapter for the left and right are marked with an L and R on their upper side. You can optionally remove the face gasket or foam to have a bit more space during installation. To install each side:

  1. As it is a bit tight if the face gasket and foam is still installed, tilt the insert so that you can move the bottom part into place first.
  2. Then move the upper part of the insert into place so that the insert aligns with the Pimax' lens.
  3. Garefully press the insert down. The insert should snap into place, but don't expect any snapping sound or feeling. You can further help it snap into place by very slightly moving the adapter up/down and left/right.

Here is what happens in more detail. Again, it is not necessary to remove the face gasket. It is removed in the video to give a better view on what is happening. The main purpose of this video is to give you an idea how the insert is held in place, which might help you during the installation. Each insert has three feet that hook under the cloth that surrounds the Pimax' lens.

  1. Hook the bottom foot into place.
  2. Snap the top foot into place by slightly moving the insert down and into the Pimax. Release it, so that the foot slides under the cloth surrounding the Pimax' lens.
  3. Repeat above for the inner foot – in case of the left insert, move the insert slightly to the left and into the Pimax. Release it, so that the foot slides into place.

Remove the Face Gasket

It is not required to remove the face gasket to install the prescription inserts. But if you want to, you can remove it as shown in the video. The most important part is to start at the nose area and work your way around from there.


To uninstall, simply pull the adapter off.