XREAL Air 1 Installation Instructions

The lenses come in pouches that have an R (for Right) and L (for Left) written on them. If you’ve already unpacked them and don’t know which one is which anymore, check the curvature. The lenses are convex towards the XREAL Air, and concave towards your face. Install them as follows:

  1. Find the prescription-lens frame that was included with your XREAL Air.
  2. The prescription-lens frame already has Plano lenses installed that act as a template. Make note of the horizontal line printed on them. When wearing your XREAL Air, this should be where you look through the lens to ensure their center is properly aligned to your pupils.
  3. Remove the four screws and uninstall the Plano lenses.
  4. Install our prescription lenses and screw the four screws back on. You can either use the screws that came with your XREAL Air, or the ones included with our shipment (the ones included with the XREAL Air might be too short for higher prescriptions) – either way, re-use the washers that came with the XREAL Air.