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Should I provide my far or near prescription?

If you have both a far- and a near prescription, please provide your far prescription!

Do the adapters affect visual quality view - Will there be distortion?

Most people will not notice any distortion of their view, because we use ordinary lens layout as found in regular glasses. This leads to a higher construction form (see next question), but does not affect your view more than normal glasses.

How is the wearing comfort?

There is no discomfort when using the inserts for most people. The inserts are designed to not impact the wearing comfort, even for persons with a low IPD.

Where are the inserts made / Where are the inserts shipped from?

All inserts are made in Germany, and all orders are shipped from Germany.

Will you offer prescription lenses for XYZ?

Prescription inserts for the following upcoming headsets/glasses are planned: Pimax Crystal, Somnium VR1, Pimax Reality 12K.

When will my order ship?

The inserts are custom-build for each customer. While the manufacturing may vary from case to case, we currently dispatch orders within 1 to 5 days (8 to 20 days for higher prescriptions). You will get an email once your order is being dispatched. Due to customs, orders may take between 1 and 6 weeks to arrive (this is not within our control). That is, please be patient and allow up to 6 weeks until contacting us regarding your order status. Thanks!

Your order confirmation email did contain a link that you can use to track your order status.

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