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When will my order ship?

The inserts are custom-build for each customer. While the manufacturing may vary from case to case, we usually dispatch within one week (you will get an email once your order is being dispatched). Due to customs, orders may take between 1 and 6 weeks to arrive (this is not within our control). That is, please be patient and allow up to 6 weeks until contacting us regarding your order status. Thanks

Are you going to support the headset X?

We are currently working on or plan to work on adapters for the HTC Cosmos. However, we cannot guarantee yet, that we will be able to come up with respective prescription frames that meet our requirements. Updates will posted on Twitter.

Are you going to offer inserts for the Pimax?

Since Pimax is planing to offer their own prescription inserts, we don't plan to develop our own. However, once they have released their VR frame, we will offer matching prescription lenses for their frame.

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